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Consumers are suffering from “advertising fatigue”; being always bombarded with intrusive Ads that interrupt their online or app experience. It leads to poor interaction; hurting merchants and advertisers trying to build brand affinity.

In response, a fast growing advertisement strategy “Engagement Advertising” is promising to reverse the trend; completely!


Engagement Advertising creates Engaging events for consumers with brands, where the Ad Message is part of App experience. Instead of seeing standard Ads, consumers Experience events that proactively Engages them in the Ad!

Optio App

Optio engages consumers in a fun, easy and competitive event around product/ brand, for an unusually long time.

It puts the Product item (“the Ad”) center stage and runs a fun bid event around it; where users compete to win using free points.

for more information please visit www.optiodeals.com.

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Digital Ads Impact

In Digital Ads, impact is primarily determined by 3 factors:

  • Ad Duration (Total Ad engagement time by the viewer).
  • Emotions (Ad invokes in the Viewer).
  • Invested actions (by the Viewer).

The more an Ad addresses those factors, the more impactful and successful the Ad is

So, how Optio does it!


User engages from at least 15 minutes to sometimes days in a single Ad/Bid event

Invested Actions:

User browses Ad/Bid, reads on product, invites friends to join, registers in bid, Follows up & competes


User gets excited, competes, wins & loses. The experience provokes multiple emotions.


Optio is a Native-Ad Engagement Advertainment Platform. It gives Broader Ads Exposure with deeper user Engagement, at lower cost for the advertiser

Measuring Ads

Digital Ads: Are measured by either Impressions of Clicks. In the Digital Ads Industry, they’re referred to as CPM (Cost Per Mille - a thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost Per Click).
Optio Ad/Bids performance tracking is calibrated according to digital Ads IAB* standards. Optio campaign reports provide full performance details by CPM & CPC across your Ad/Bid types with detailed demographics breakdown; along with estimated Ads market value.

IAB: Interactive Advertising Bureau; a non-profit global advertising organization that develops standards for Online Advertising industry. IAB includes more than 650 global leading media & technology companies responsible for selling & delivering digital advertising & marketing campaigns.

Partnering with Optio

 Gets You these Benefits

Create Buzz & Awareness

around your brand & products; have your message subliminally present in user’s mind

Build Customers Mindshare

and increase loyalty. Be where your users are, and ahead of others. Always appear innovative and stay relevant.

Influence Consumers Behavior

by having consumers stop, think and alter their buying decisions. Capitalize on promo codes to drive sales

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