TantumSoft – Apps for life

What is

We are a company with product inception, design, development and app marketing expertise. We turn Smart Ideas into Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps are revolutionizing how we work, entertain, shop, socialize, learn & live.
We build Apps that enhance people’s lives: in shopping, social, gaming & more.

In what we do, we seek the Disruptive approach; the different and the first. We venture into the Unusual and the Unconventional. This is what motivates us and what we seek to be differentiated by.


Our aim

is to re-ignite the engagement between brands/ retailers and consumers; via informative, fun and smart Apps.

Our Apps philosophy revolves around Engagement Marketing; where the app creates engaging events for consumers with brands. It’s where the Advertising Message is natively part of the App experience.

Why TantumSoft

We create products that people use every day, appreciate, talk about, and love. We build Apps for Life.